Finishing Touches Finishing Touches - add-ons and extras

Make that perfect gift! We have a range of chocolates, alcohol, cards and balloons to include with your flowers. Please Note: * If you order a vase alongside your flowers, we will arrange and present them straight into the vase. *Chocolates/Cards/Alcohol/ Single Balloons/Teddies/Vases Cannot be brought and delivered without flowers. * Balloon Bouquets CAN be delivered on there own - without flowers. Due to continuously changing stock, in the unlikely event of something you have ordered is not available for your chosen date of delivery we will Call you to discuss alternatives.

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  • Red Wine

    Red Wine

    75cl bottle of red Wild Orchid Merlot

  • Rosé Wine

    Rosé Wine

    Wild Orchid Rosé 75cl

  • White Wine

    White Wine

    75cl bottle of white Wild Orchid Sauvignon Blanc